Fusu — The Domain Stock Exchange — Announces Public Beta and Key Partnership

Fusu logoFusu, the world’s first Domain Stock Exchange opens up to a wider audience; Announces strategic partnership with EuroDNS to solidify the road to launch and beyond.

Through the following news release, Fusu have announced the launch of the first Domain Stock Exchange platform.

Our company is proud to participate in a great venture that could become essential to domainers and Internet users worldwide.

$300,000 in only 100 days is the record achievement made by Fusu, the first Domain Stock Exchange platform. Incredibly high for a closed, invitation-only beta, the virtual amount was reached by a hundred key players in the Domain Industry that are already using the real-money version launched in November.

With 140 million domains registered today and a market value that could reach $4 billion by 2010, the need for a dedicated platform where domain names purchasers and investors could meet and trade was sorely unaddressed until late 2007, when Fusu was pre-launched by a team of Internet professional to address that very issue.

Because so few good names are still available, domains have become the real estate of the 21st century. More than 90,000 domain names are bought daily, with some achieving spectacular market values: Vodka.com sold for $3.5 million, Computer.com for $2.1 million.

As the market matures through the efforts of experienced investors and industry leaders, processes and standards have emerged that have facilitated the development of brokerages, auction platforms and leveraged financing instruments. Fusu’s Domain Stock Exchange represents the natural evolution of this trend as it brings further transparency and reliability to the market.

As with a traditional Stock Exchange, Fusu allows its participants to get liquidity from their assets. On Fusu, holders of a premium domain (i.e Vodka.com) can devote a fraction of their domain to the market and immediately get money out of it without having to give up its control at any time. In return, stockholders in the domain name will get their share in future sales or advertising revenues generated by the domain name.

For example, one domain owner sold 45% of his $5,000-value domain on Fusu. He earned $2,250 in the first 24 hours after his Initial Domain Offering. In the trading that followed, the domain rose to a value of $6,200, a 24% gain.

Shareholders participate in the booming domain name industry, without having to spend hundreds of thousands on a single premium name. Just like on any other Stock Exchange, shares can then be traded between buyers.
Indeed, during the closed beta, the most successful trader on Fusu earned over $4,000 in real money, only by investing in shares.
Under the same circumstances, the most active trader bought or sold over 18,000 shares, resulting in a transaction volume of $36,594.90.

With today’s launch of Fusu’s Public Beta, everyone is now invited to buy and sell shares of premium domain names that are owned by a few well known and trusted domainers, to guarantee a safe and trustworthy Exchange during the Beta period.

To provide for a stable launch, today also marks the beginning of a partnership with EuroDNS SA, well-known registrar and a key player in the domain industry. “By bridging the gap between the traditional finance world and the innovative domainers’ crowd, Fusu grants investors an unprecedented access to valuable properties while fueling a buoyant market” comments Xavier Buck, EuroDNS CEO. “Our company is proud to participate in a great venture that could become essential to domainers and Internet users worldwide.”