Full review: The T-Mobile G1 Google phone

As the first ‘Google phone’ goes on sale in the UK, The Times’ Technology Reporter shares the results of a rigorous – and clammy-handed – testMy first impression when the G1 was released was that it was not going to be a iPhone killer, and further use of the first ever “Google phone” confirmed my suspicions. Still, it is clearly a smartphone in the same class as Apple’s iconic product. Despite a few niggles, it is quite impressive.The main difference between the G1 and its competitors is the slide-out qwerty keyboard. This is a useful addition for anyone frustrated with tapping an unresponsive pane of glass. The keyboard buttons are quite small, though, so fast typing is not really possible. But it is more like using a Blackberry than an iPhone.To read this review in full in The Times, see technology.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/tech_and_web/article5040593.ece.

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