French watchdog barks at Google over missed deadline on privacy policy

France’s data-protection watchdog warned on Friday that it will impose sanctions against Google, after the company missed a three-month deadline to adjust its privacy policy.The Commission nationale de l’informatique et des libertés (CNIL) said it had initiated procedures to fine Google after it failed to meet a deadline to alter its latest policy on how it collects and uses data. The agency said that on the final day before the deadline, Google contested the request, “notably the applicability of the French data-protection law to the services used by residents in France”. see:French data protection agency: Google missed deadline to change its privacy policy
Data protection officials in France said Friday that they will impose sanctions against Google after the firm missed a three-month deadline to adjust its privacy policy in that country.CNIL, the French data protection agency, said in June that Google could face about $200,000 in fines if it did not alter its latest privacy policy by September to clarify how it collects and uses data. That action was based on a year-long investigation by CNIL on behalf of a consortium of European data protection officials after Google changed its policy in March 2012. Sanctions Google for European Privacy Law Violations [IDG]
Google faces financial sanctions in France after failing to comply with an order to alter how it stores and shares user data to conform to the nation’s privacy laws.The enforcement follows an analysis led by European data protection authorities of a new privacy policy that Google enacted in 2012, France’s privacy watchdog, the Commission Nationale de L’Informatique et des Libertes, said Friday on its website. could serve up fines to Google for privacy violation
French privacy watchdog CNIL said Friday that it plans to sanction Google following the search giant’s refusal to implement privacy policy changes demanded by the group.Google could owe France 150,000 euros ($202,755) for the violation, and then another 300,000 euros if it still refuses to comply three months after the first fine. However, CNIL has not ruled on what sanctions, if any, it will demand of the company. That news is expected sometime in the next week.

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