French three strikes activity suspended after alleged data leak, say reports

A French Government agency is not acting on new information gathered about potential piracy on the internet because the company that provides it with the information may not have secured the data it records, according to reports.The French Government set up an antipiracy unit called HADOPI after passing an anti-piracy law in 2009. HADOPI allows the music and film industry to hire private firm Trident Media Group (TMG) to identify illegal downloaders online. The firm monitors activity on file-sharing websites and records the IP addresses of users. see:Net pirate monitoring firm hacked
A firm employed by the French government to track down net pirates has been hacked.Trident Media Guard is believed to have exposed a range of data, including advice on how to avoid detection.TMG monitors peer-to-peer networks as part of France’s efforts to find those guilty of copyright infringements.Eric Walter, head of the French anti-piracy unit, confirmed on Twitter that it had “temporarily suspended” links with TMG.

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