French ‘pass’ piracy legislation to thwart file downloaders

The French National Assembly has passed a draft law that would allow illegal downloaders to be thrown off the net.The law was narrowly passed by 285 votes to 225.The French hard-line policy on piracy has drawn worldwide attention as nations around the globe grapple with the issue of piracy.The ruling majority UMP voted in favour but the Socialist Party has already announced that they will appeal to the Constitutional Court once again. see:French piracy bill approved – ‘1000 a day could be taken offline’ [AP]
France’s lower house of parliament approved a pioneering bill yesterday, allowing authorities to cut off internet access to people who download illegally, a measure that entertainment companies hope will be a powerful weapon against piracy.Critics, meanwhile, complain the bill threatens civil liberties, and questions remain about exactly how it will be enforced. downloaders face web ban in France [AFP]
A bill that will allow authorities to cut illegal downloaders off from the worldwide web was on Tuesday approved by French lawmakers.One of the toughest ever drafted in the global fight against Internet piracy, the bill has drawn attention from across the world as countries debate how to deal with the illegal downloading of films, music and computer games.

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