Tops Weekly List of Domain Sales topped the list of domain name sales in Domain Name Journal’s weekly update of sales to 12 October. sold for $300,000, more than $100,000 ahead of which sold for $195,000, the second six-figure sale of the week. Another big sale was, but selling for a much smaller $70,000, and the fourth biggest sale of the week.Third biggest sale of the week was a two-letter domain name,, selling for $99,000. Other interesting sales for the week were a trio of .se domain names in the top 15 with in seventh place on the list, selling for €41,031 (about $55,802), in eleventh place selling for €25,000 (about $34,000) and selling for €22,500 (about $30,600) in twelfth place.To see the full list and Ron Jackson’s analysis, go to

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