France won’t block public Wi-Fi or ban Tor after all

Public Wi-Fi networks and Tor won’t be blocked or forbidden in France in the near future, even during a state of emergency, despite the country’s Ministry of Interior reportedly considering it.Days after the reports on the proposal surfaced in the French newspaper Le Monde, the country’s prime minister Manuel Valls said he had never heard of such requests by police. “A ban on Wi-Fi is not a course of action envisaged,” he added according to The Connexxion. see:France Won’t Ban Public Wi-Fi, Tor, French PM Says
Bans on public Wi-Fi and Tor were ruled out by French Prime Minister Manual Valls this week as part of the government’s security response to the November terrorist attacks on Paris. The Prime Minister Valls also indicated on Wednesday that France will not force social media providers to allow users to be monitored, despite law enforcement requests.Valls said that “a ban of Wi-Fi is not a course of action envisaged,” and he does not support a ban on Tor, The Connexion reports.

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