France Telecom’s E-Reader Experiment

Its Read & Go device shows one way e-readers could become a distribution channel for newspapers and other frequently updated print mediaThis summer more than 100 volunteers took to France’s crowded trains, cafés, and beaches with a serious assignment: to lug around and read enormous stacks of popular newspapers, magazines, and books. But the job wasn’t as cumbersome as it sounds, because all the publications were compressed into a digital gizmo, called Read & Go, that is no larger than a hardback novel.The trial of the prototype will wrap up this month, and by 2009, France Telecom aims to start distributing the Read & Go in conjunction with a subscription-based news service of the same name. For a monthly charge similar to a mobile service plan, customers will receive an over-the-air stream of aggregated content from a wide assortment of information sources. Alongside the articles will be ads that help defray the cost of the service.To read this BusinessWeek article in full, see device enlisted to help French papers
Paul-François Fournier, an executive at France Télécom in Paris, thinks he may have found a way to help revive the ailing newspaper industry. It comes in a black, plastic, rectangular box with a screen the size of a sheet of paper.The device displays links to several French newspapers, with black-on-gray type and images that look a lot like ink on newsprint. When Fournier clicks on a link with a stylus, up come the day’s headlines in Le Monde. Another click fills the screen with a full article, just as it appeared in print.To read this International Herald Tribune article in full, see:
Orange launches trials of Read&Go, the first 3G-connected mobile newspaper kiosk [news release]
What is Read&Go? A new terminal combining the reading comfort of paper with the easy access and response of electronic media. With this new e-paper terminal, users can read and refresh five major French newspapers throughout the day: Le Monde, Le Parisien, Les Echos, L’Equipe and TéléramaThis France Telecom news release in full is available from:

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