France Telecom executive resigns after employee suicide tally rises to 24

The deputy chief executive of France Telecom today resigned in the wake of a spate of staff suicides that unions have blamed on a bullying management style and brutal approach to restructuring.The former state monopoly, now Europe’s third-biggest phone company, has seen its brand name, Orange, suffer a public relations disaster as 24 workers have killed themselves in shocking circumstances in the last 18 months, with at least a dozen others making failed attempts to take their lives. Some staff were found dead in their workplace or left harrowing notes blaming the company for “management by terror” and bullying. see:France Telecom deputy replaced following spate of suicides
France Telecom, the communications company shaken by a series of work-related suicides, tried to quell rising public anger yesterday by replacing its deputy chief executive.Louis-Pierre Wenes, the man in charge of domestic operations within France Telecom, had been accused by unions of promoting an aggressive and bullying culture at the company. He is to be replaced by Stéphane Richard, a former chief of staff to the French finance minister. Mr Richard was already due to become head of the company in 2011. boss quits in suicide row
France Telecom’s second-in-command has resigned, after weeks of criticism over management’s handling of a spate of suicides by employees.Deputy CEO Louis-Pierre Wenes, 60, will be replaced by Stephane Richard, head of international operations, France Telecom said in a statement.Unions blame restructuring at the firm for some of the 24 suicides by company employees in the last 20 months. Telecom executive quits over suicides
France Telecom replaced its senior manager in charge of French operations as it sought to contain a crisis of confidence triggered by a spate of suicides among employees.Louis-Pierre Wenes, a former management consultant who, as deputy chief executive for, led France Telecom’s drive to cut costs in its domestic business, was replaced with immediate effect by Stéphane Richard.

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