France, Paris And Immobilier Most Common Terms In .FR Domains

AFNIC logoThe most used terms used in .fr domain names are “france”, “paris”, and “real estate” (immobilier) with around 12,300 domains containing each of these strings at the end of December the latest Afnic monthly report on the French Domain Name Industry has found. Rounding out the top ten most used terms are “hotel”, “location” (rental), “saint”, “restaurant”, “service”, “web” and “auto” both with and without diacritics.

Rising quickly is the string “paris”, which has risen 43 percent in just 18 months the report released this month also finds while the domain name with the greatest number of hyphens includes 17 of them and the longest internationalised domain name contains 56 characters.

Other interesting facts in the report are that as shorter domain names become harder to find, the average length of domains has risen to 13.1 characters, steadily increasing from year to year. In 2007 the average length in 2007 was 11.3 characters and is increasing by 0.3 to 0.4 characters per year. The domain name length that is most common, the mode, is ten characters, with about 175,000 domain names. 38 percent of .fr domain names contain a hyphen while 6.7 percent contain a number.

Since the introduction of internationalised domain names in May 2012, there have been around 32,000 domains registered using a diacritic, the most popular being “é” in 74% of the IDNs.

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