France approves ban for illegal downloaders

[AFP] The French parliament has approved a piracy bill that has drawn attention from around the world with its provision to cut illegal downloaders off from the internet.The bill, which was opposed by consumer groups but had the backing of the music and film industry, is one of the toughest ever drafted in the global fight against the illegal downloading of films, music and computer games.The bill was approved by 258 votes to 131. see:French parliament approves ‘three-strikes’ anti-piracy law
The French National Assembly voted Tuesday to adopt, by 258 votes to 131, the so-called “three strikes” law criminalising file-sharing. Those caught infringing copyright online could face the suspension of their Internet access, a fine or even prison.The Senate approved the same text on Monday. With the two houses of parliament in agreement, the text now requires only the signature of President Nicolas Sarkozy to become law, although the possibility of another appeal being lodged with the Constitutional Council cannot yet be ruled out.

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