fr: Sarkozy proposes taxing new technology to finance the old

In a move that could profoundly reshape the media landscape in France, President Nicolas Sarkozy on Tuesday proposed banning commercials from public television and making up for some of the lost revenue with a first-of-its-kind tax on the Internet and mobile phones.A government tax on Internet connections would be virtually without precedent and could be politically controversial, given that public policy experts say that Internet access drives a country’s economic growth and productivity.But France, like other countries around the world, is struggling to find ways to keep cultural industries, like video and music, afloat at a time when their traditional audiences are waning. proposes new internet tax
French President Nicolas Sarkozy has proposed new taxes on internet access and mobile phone use. consider effects of Sarkozy TV revolution
France’s media industry was on Wednesday digesting the impact of a proposed overhaul of public television that might bring unexpected benefits to French television, radio and publishing.

The aim of the advertising change, according to Mr Sarkozy, was to create a clearer division between the public channels with a public service remit to produce high-quality content and to promote French productions, and the commercial sector.Together with a shake-up of French international broadcasting, the reforms could create a high-quality public television service inspired by the BBC, Mr Sarkozy’s advisers say.

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