.FR Domains to be Available to French Living Abroad in 2010

AFNIC logo.FR domain names will be available to French expatriates living outside of France in the first quarter of 2010 among a number of changes as part of the AFNIC 2010 Action Plan.

It is intended the change will take place in March 2010, any French national whose normal place of residence is abroad will be able to register a .FR domain name.

AFNIC will be maintaining the present process for registration and verification of individuals:

  • there will be no new technical tests on entry of the data, in order to minimise the burden of checking domain name holders’ geographical location
  • AFNIC will check eligibility with the registrars managing the domain name:
  • the administrative contact person must have a presence on French territory
  • these eligibility checks will be triggered by complaints from outside, as well as in the course of random checking.

Also as part of the Action Plan, AFNIC is planning to In 2010, AFNIC is also planning to introduce the DNSSEC protocol for .FR. DNSSEC (Domain Name System Security Extensions) uses digital signatures to increase the security of data provided by the DNS.

Europe Registry logoTo register your .FR domain name, check out Europe Registry here.