.FR Continues Rapid Registration Growth As Domains Get Longer

AFNIC have published its 2011 Domain Name Industry Report with a wealth of statistics on the .FR ccTLD. It was quite a big year for the French ccTLD as they celebrated their 25th year with a glamorous party on the Eiffel Tower and passed the two million active domain names mark.Other highlights of 2011 outlined in the report include:

  • a new legal framework resulting from the law of 22 March 2011
  • 17 per cent annual growth, a growth five percentage points higher than the average for other ccTLDs
  • 39.5 per cent of .FR domain names are registered by private individuals, an increase of around 300,000 registrations per year since it was opened to individuals in June 2006
  • the number of registrations per capita has sharply increased in recent years (1.2 per thousand in 2007 to 3.1 per thousand in 2011), but still considerably lower than other comparable countries such as Germany (at around 18 per thousand)
  • the average length of .FR domain names is increasing each year with the average in 2011 being 12.7 characters per name while dashes increasingly used in long names with 37 per cent of domains using a dash
  • a close correlation between the registering of a .FR domain name and start-ups in France
  • median end-user price steady at €12 excl. VAT/year, in line with other top level domains
  • continuation of the market consolidation of domain name registrars
  • growth above average for the .FR resale market and the highest rates
  • continued deployment of DNSSEC with the software interface for registrars
  • 40 per cent of .FR domain names are IPv6-enabled for their DNS servers
  • nearly one in every two names refers to a professional website, far in front of personal websites.

To the report is extremely detailed, and including annexes is over 130 pages, and can be downloaded at www.afnic.fr/medias/2011VEn_observatoireWEB.pdf.To register your .FR domain name, check out Europe Registry here.