.FR Celebrates 25 Years

AFNIC logo.FR logoA number of ccTLDs are celebrating 25 years of existence this year. Among others, .AU and .AT celebrated their 25th birthdays earlier this year, .DE celebrates in November while .FR celebrated theirs on 2 September.

“This anniversary is an opportunity to reassert the values conveyed by the .FR TLD,” said Bertrand Louveau, AFNIC Marketing and Innovation Director. “We have therefore decided to base our communication for the coming months using the date as our major theme. With that in mind, AFNIC has launched a particularly ambitious schedule of events, the cornerstone being the redesign of the AFNIC logo and the visual identity of the .FR namespace.”

To celebrate the 25th birthday, as well as launching a new logo for itself and .FR, AFNIC is launching a new website, publishing a magazine “The .fr TLD turns 25”, a competition to showcase the best internet experiences in .FR domain names, holding a gala event on the 11 October on the first floor of the Eiffel Tower and in the late spring of 2012, another gala event to celebrate “The .fr digital communication Awards”.

For more information on AFNIC and .FR, check out the AFNIC website at www.afnic.fr.

Europe Registry logoTo register your .FR domain name, check out Europe Registry here.