Former Google CEO predicts the internet will split in two – and one part will be led by China

Eric Schmidt, who has been the CEO of Google and executive chairman of its parent company, Alphabet, predicts that within the next decade there will be two distinct internets: one led by the U.S. and the other by China.

Schmidt shared his thoughts at a private event in San Francisco on Wednesday night convened by investment firm Village Global VC. The firm enlists tech luminaries — including Schmidt, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates and Diane Green — as limited partners, then invests their money into early-stage tech ventures.

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Former Google chief predicts the Internet will split by 2028: A Chinese Web and an American one
Google’s former chief executive predicts that the global Internet will split in two within the next decade, bifurcating into a Web led by the United States and another helmed by China with fewer freedoms and greater censorship, according to CNBC.

Eric Schmidt, who served as executive chairman of Google and later its parent company, Alphabet, offered his projections during a private event Wednesday in San Francisco convened by the venture capital firm Village Global, CNBC reported.

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