One of Australia's Largest Retailers Forgets To Renew Premium Domain, And Rival Snaps It Up

One of Australia’s largest retailers appears to have neglected to have registered a premium generic domain name, with its main rival snapping it up.
Woolworths, Australia’s largest retailer, paid A$33,333 for the domain name that had previously been registered to Bunnings Building Supplies.
“We are happy to have paid the $33,333 for the domain name as home improvement is a big growth platform for us,” spokeswoman for Woolworths Clare Buchanan told the Herald Sun newspaper.
“If our competitors were happy to give it up [the name] we’re very happy to have it.”
According to the newspaper report, the domain name is now registered to the managing director of M&C Saatchi, the advertising agency for Woolworths.
The domain name was picked up through one of the two drop services in Australia, one of which,, auctioned the domain name.
It also goes to show the importance of managing one’s domain names and being aware of upcoming expiry dates as well as maintaining up-to-date contact details.
According to the Herald Sun, “It is speculated that Bunnings forgot to renew its registration with the email address for Rob Farrimond – the registrant for Bunnings Building Supplies Pty Ltd, the owner of the domain name – no longer being active.”