For A Cool $30 Million, Starting Bids, You Could Have And 3 Others

Four premium .com domain names in the property sector including are up for grabs with starting bids being accepted from $30 million.

The other three domains –, and – are part of a package aimed at major operators and investors in residential loans, home refinancing, property rental and house construction.

According to Chicago‐based Intellectual Property firm Intelliname, which is brokering the premium domain names, the four domain names had nearly 14 billion related search results on Google alone, with an average cost‐per‐click value association typically charged between $9 to $11 per interaction. They claim alone is considered to be one of the singular most valuable domain names ever registered, having an interest factor almost six times higher than the comparable, that sold by itself for $30 million in June 2019.

“These are unquestionably four of the rarest and most valuable domain names ever registered for the real estate market,” said Robert Davis, head of the Intellectual Property division at Intelliname. “They are being made available at a time when more individuals than ever before are looking for refinancing, searching for new homes from the security and safety of their living rooms, and turning to technology at unprecedented rates as they assess their options for both home finance and relocation opportunities.”

To inquire about this package, please contact Robert Davis via email at

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