.FM Becomes Largest Top Level Domain on Social Media

dotFM_20years_logoBRS Media, the company behind the .FM top level domain, claim .fm is now the most liked and followed TLD on Facebook and is the fastest growing TLD Brand on the biggest social network site worldwide.

The TLD, actually the country code top level domain (ccTLD) for the Federated States Of Micronesia, but marketed as a gTLD aimed at FM radio, is “liked” by almost 357,500 and “followed” by almost 357,900 according to statistics they collated. The second largest is Verisign with 314,100 likes and 312,000 followers, being the only other with more than 100,000 followers. The rest of the top 10 is made up of the National Internet Exchange of India (.in), Global Domains International (.ws), Domain .ME, EU Registry, XYZ, Núcleo de Informação e Coordenação do Ponto BR, NIC Mexico (.mx) and puntCAT (.cat). Obviously domain name registrations and Facebook followers have nothing to do with one another!

The reason for the surge is dotFM scored a viral hit on social media with its Facebook Page, featuring videos, media, customer service interface and interactive posts that focus on highly successful clients using the .FM top-level domain. The TLD Registry Social Media engagement details are listed at: https://get.fm/followed

“dotFM has become the premier media-based top-level domain that is open, innovative and universally accepted,” remarked George T. Bundy, Chairman & CEO of BRS Media Inc. “Our .FM clientele engage Millennials & GenZ with a unique and hip domain extension that connects with both generations thereby converting the valuable hard-to-reach demographic group into true believers of the brand. Today, our comprehensive portfolio of registrants not only includes broadcasters, Internet radio and the music community, but also interactive companies, premier social media ventures and podcast entrepreneurs worldwide.”

BRS Media has pioneered the ‘media’ domain space since launching the .FM and .AM Top Level Domains in 1998. Since that time, the .FM Brand Registry Service has evolved to meet the growing demand and creativity of the clientele. Some of the world’s most innovative .FM brands include: Coca-Cola.fm, Southwest.fm, CarrieUnderwood.fm, Earbud.fm, Diffuser.fm, Castbox.fm, Panoply.fm, Jazz.fm and Summertime.fm among thousands more.