Firefox passes billion download milestone

The open-source browser Firefox passed its billionth download on Friday, ahead of the release of its fourth iteration.The milestone includes downloads of all versions of the web software since its first release in 2004.Figures suggest that Firefox now has nearly one third of the browser market worldwide, at 31%. see:Firefox: 1 billion downloads only part of the story
At about 8 a.m. PDT Friday, Firefox crossed the billion-download threshold–a notably large number for Mozilla’s open-source Web browser but one that doesn’t tell the whole story.Firefox fans love their statistical milestones, and Mozilla enjoys fanning the flames by providing plenty of opportunities for self-congratulation. In 2008 was the Firefox Download Day, with more than 8 million downloads in 24 hours. Next came the Firefox 3.5 debut and its download tracker. 1 billion served: Firefox passes download milestone
The Mozilla Foundation announced Friday morning that the open source Firefox Web browser has been downloaded over 1 billion times. This significant milestone, which was reached several days earlier than expected, is a clear sign of the browser’s growing mainstream popularity.Firefox has transformed the Internet by bringing innovation and a strong standards-based browsing experience to the masses. Its swift rate of advancement has been accompanied by rapid adoption, leading to the emergence of an enormous following of loyal users. The Firefox phenomenon has contributed greatly to leveling the playing field on the Web and reigniting competition in the browser market. Formidable alternatives are also gaining ground and helping to popularize emerging standards. This trend of emerging competition could eventually unseat Microsoft’s dominant Internet Explorer.

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