Firefox makes gains in market share

Mozilla’s Firefox browser has made dramatic gains on Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (IE) throughout Europe in the past year with a marked upturn in Firefox use compared to IE over the past four months, according to French web monitoring service XiTiMonitor reports IT Wire.A study of nearly 96,000 websites carried out during the week of July 2 to July 8 found that Firefox had 27.8% market share across Eastern and Western Europe, IE had 66.5%, with other browsers including Safari and Opera making up the remaining 5.7%. The July market share represents a massive 3.7% rise since a similar survey in March.The study reports Firefox had 27.8% of the market, while IE had 66.5%, across Europe. Some markets, such as Slovenia (47.9%) and Finland (45.4%), are closing in on IE and threatening to become the most popular browser in these markets, while in Germany, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia and Ireland, Firefox has either reached or is nearly at 40% market share.Countries where Firefox market share has now reached 30% or more include, Austria, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Estonia and Latvia with France, Sweden and Switzerland all making strong gains and approaching 25% market share.Within Australasia, Firefox’s market share has increased from 24.8% in early March to 28.9% in early July.The IT Wire story is available at or to see the report on which the story is based, in French, see see:
Firefox gains at Microsoft’s expense
Mozilla’s web browser, Firefox, is becoming increasingly popular, gaining on average an extra 3.1 percent of the market in 32 European countries in the past four months, according to French web-monitoring company XiTi Monitor.,1000000097,39288052,00.htm

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