Firefox maker Mozilla to launch smartphone operating system

Mozilla, the maker of the Firefox web browser, will on Sunday launch its first smartphone operating system and the handsets on which it will run in a bid to shake up the mobile industry.Aimed at the developing world, where Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android have yet to capture the market, Firefox OS will run on handsets made by Chinese companies ZTE, Alcatel One Touch and others, costing less than £100. see:Mozilla Builds an Operating System for a Firefox Smartphone
Apple and Google are getting a nonprofit competitor, which aims to swamp them by using Web-based technologies that act like smartphone apps.Mozilla, the nonprofit company that created and maintains the Firefox Web browser, has announced it will release a smartphone operating system around June that handset makers can use to make an inexpensive phone. Mozilla envisions that the phone would be sold in poorer countries with few smartphones, probably for $80 to $100 before subsidies, Mozilla said. see:Mozilla reveals Firefox smartphone launch partners
The not-for-profit organisation behind the Firefox web browser has announced handsets based on its operating system for mobile phones.In a press conference ahead of Mobile World Congress, Mozilla said that 18 operators including Deutsche Telekom and Telefonica, were signed up.

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