Firefox Domain Name Lookup Add-ons

firefox logoThere are a couple of extensions those searching for domain names can add to their Firefox browsers to help find domain names when browsing online. For example, you’re reading about the Elliot Spitzer use of prostitutes, and you think of a great domain name to register.

So if you have installed Domain Lookup or domainFinder, you can right mouse-click on any selected text, click on your preferred domain search, and voila, you go to a page to do a Whois search. For Domain Lookup it takes you to a Moniker page, and for domainFinder to a Dotster page.

Personally I thought domainFinder offered a quicker way to do a Whois search, simply because, for me anyway, it brought up the Whois results directly without entering the text again. But it only offers a limited number of Whois searches (.com, .net, .org,, .info and .biz) whereas Domain Lookup offered a very wide range of gTLD and ccTLD searches.

To download Domain Lookup, go to and to download domainFinder, go to