Finland massacre raises fears of online network for school killers

Police in Finland are investigating a possible link between the catering student who shot ten people on Tuesday and the teenage gunman who went on a rampage last November at a school near Helsinki.Raising the spectre of a network of potential killers who swap ideas over the internet, Jari Neulaniemi, the head of the police investigation in the small rural town of Kauhajoki, said it was likely that the two disaffected young men had been in contact.Mr Neulaniemi added that Matti Juhanni Saari bought his gun 11 months ago in the Helsinki suburb of Jokela, which was the scene of the previous school massacre in Finland.Tuesday’s shooting horrified Finland and was seen widely as a carbon copy of the attack in Jokela, where Pekka-Erik Auvinen killed eight people. Both had placed videos of their intentions on YouTube shortly before their attacks, and both killed themselves with a shot to the head rather than face arrest.

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