Film industry loses iiNet copyright download case in Australia

The Australian film and television industry has lost a case against a major internet service provider whose customers downloaded pirated movies and television programs.The case against iiNet was filed in the Federal Court by a number of applicants including Village Roadshow, Universal Pictures, Warner Bros, Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures Entertainment, 20th Century Fox, Disney and the Seven Network.The legal action followed a five-month investigation by the Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft. see:iiNET wins court case against Hollywood heavyweights
iiNET has won a landmark Federal Court battle against a clutch of Hollywood movie studio heavyweights which alleged the Perth-based internet service provider had encouraged copyright violations.The trial has been watched closely by both the federal government and overseas observers. The group of Hollywood studios – represented by the Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft (AFACT) – attempted to persuade the court that iiNet was legally liable for alleged copyright infringement activity by its customers. slays Hollywood in landmark piracy case
The giants of the film industry have lost their case against ISP iiNet in a landmark judgment handed down in the Federal Court today.The decision had the potential to impact internet users and the internet industry profoundly as it sets a legal precedent surrounding how much ISPs are required to do to prevent customers from downloading movies and other content illegally.

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