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FICORA Lowers .FI Prices And Ends Registrar Services

Dot FI logoThere are some big changes coming for .fi domain names in early September. The Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority (FICORA) is lowering the registry fee and registrants will need to deal with a registrar and not FICORA.

The new prices charged to registries as of 5 September will be lower than before with the prices being €9 per year and domains able to be registered for up to five years at a time.

On the move to what is recognised by many as an international registry/registrar model, the current system for .fi and all related user IDs will cease to exist on Friday 2 September at 16:15. It will not be possible to modify domain names between 16:15 on Friday 2 September 2016 and 10:00 on Monday 5 September.

After 5 September, if a registrant wishes to place a domain name under a registrar’s management and does not have a registrar yet, the customer will need a registrar transfer key. The key can be requested at FICORA’s customer service and FICORA sends it directly to the customer.

A registrar transfer key may only be sent to an address that FICORA can verify either through its own register or the registers of the Finnish Patent and Registration Office or the Population Register Centre. The registrar transfer key may also be sent by email or text message provided that the email and telephone number details in the register are up to date.

If the contact details entered in FICORA’s register are outdated, the customer should check that the information at the Finnish Patent and Registration Office or the Population Register Centre is correct. The contact details in FICORA’s register may then be verified and updated on the basis of the other registers.

Other changes coming is that from 7 September a list of domain names currently banned by law will become available. The domain names include generic or country code top level domains (gTLDs or ccTLDs), abbreviations of enterprise, foundation or association forms and expressions that are insulting or incite into criminal activity. The banned domain names will be released for registration at 10:00 on Wednesday 7 September.