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FICORA intervenes in case of exceptionally large numbers of misspelled FI-domain names

FICORA dot FI logo[news release] The Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority (FICORA) is examining hundreds of deliberately misspelled fi-domain names of Finnish companies and services. A total of 886 fi-domain names are being examined. They were applied for via a Maltese registrar but registered under a Finnish holder.

FICORA has contacted the Finnish holder and the Maltese registrar and continues to investigate the case. The Maltese registrar’s right to apply for new fi-domain names has been denied until further notice.

Spelling mistake leads to advertisement site

It is typical of the misspelled domain names that the difference between them and a business name, trademark or similar protected by the Domain Name Act is hardly noticeable, which is when the internet user ends up on a false site due to e.g. a spelling mistake. For example, is such a misspelled address.

Typically, a website utilising a misspelled address contains advertisement links to various services. If the user, who has entered the site by accident, clicks on the advertisement link, the site maintainer gets paid by the advertiser. The phenomenon is called ‘typosquatting’ in English.

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