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.FI Exceeds 300,000 in Finland, But Low DNSSEC Deployment

Dot FI logo[news release] Finnish domain name applicants favour reliability and Finnish origin in their choice of domain name, because the demand of fi-domain names has remained high. The popularity of the fi-domain name does not reflect on their information security, because only a fraction of domain name holders deploy the Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSec) FICORA has offered for a year now.

About 52,000 new domain names are granted each year, but despite the success of the fi-domain name, the deployment of the DNSSec extension is at its infacy in Finland. There are only 63 domain names protected by DNSSec, which is very low in the international comparison. For example, as many as 145,000 Swedish domain names ending with .se use DNSSec extension. The world’s fourth most common top-level country code, the Netherlands’ .nl domain has more than a million domain name holders using the DNSSec.

DNSSec (Domain Name System Security Extensions) is an extension improving the information security of the name service, which ensures the origin and integrity of the information received from the name server. When DNSSEC is in use, responses to name system queries are digitally signed. DNSSEC ensures that responses to name system queries come from the right sender and that the response information has not been modified. This guarantees that people using the internet are only shown the actual website that they intended to call up.

FICORA recommends strongly that fi-domain name holders deploy DNSSec. More information on the extension can be found at Domain name holders may inquire about the DNSSec support from their service provider.

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