Femotocells solving poor indoor mobile phone coverage

Poor mobile phone network coverage at home could soon be a thing of the past with the introduction of indoor base station devices called femtocellsWhat would you say to having a mobile phone mast inside your house? Mobile phone companies think that a lot of us will say yes and, starting from the end of this year, plan to offer us just this in the form of devices called “femtocells”.A femtocell is technically a mobile phone base station, but it’s one that’s been housetrained. It’s a very different proposition from the big radio masts that sit on top of buildings. For starters, it’s smaller. Literally, “femto” means “a quadrillionth”, which would imply a device about the size of the nucleus of an atom. In fact, femtocells are boxes about the size and shape of a wireless broadband router.

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