FCC Net Neutrality Plan in Chaos

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, a former top cable and wireless industry lobbyist, appears to have misjudged both public opinion and his fellow Democratic commissioners regarding his “Open Internet” proposalFederal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler is scrambling to change his “Open Internet” proposal after a torrent of criticism from Internet giants, startups, venture capitalists, public interest groups, and consumers.Net neutrality advocates are mounting a campaign to convince Wheeler to reclassify Internet broadband service under Title II of the Communications Act, which would subject companies like Comcast, Verizon and AT&T to “common carrier” regulation.
http://time.com/96688/net-neutrality-plan-in-chaos/Also see:Don’t be fooled by the FCC’s bogus back-down on net neutrality
Sometimes, inflammatory headlines and public outcry work. Ever since the Internet erupted with criticism directed at the new approach to enforcing net neutrality revealed by FCC chairman Tom Wheeler three week ago, the former cable industry lobbyist has been scrambling to do damage control. Wheeler has been backpedaling furiously as he attempts to explain why his plan doesn’t allow Internet service providers like Comcast to divvy up the Internet into fast and slow lanes.On Monday, the Wall Street Journal reported what initially appeared to be a significant retreat by Wheeler: “FCC Head to Revise Broadband-Rules Plan: Agency Won’t Let Firms Segregate Web Traffic Into Fast, Slow Lanes.”
http://www.salon.com/2014/05/12/dont_be_fooled_by_the_fccs_bogus_back_down_on_net_neutrality/FCC under fire on Net neutrality
Digital activists have already begun influencing the debate over the FCC’s proposed Net neutrality rules, as they prepare to take their concerns to the streets in front of the FCC headquarters on Thursday during the agency’s May meeting.

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