FBI fights back against cybercrime

Law enforcers have linked up with businesses and academics in the US to tackle the spread of crime on the internetAn attractive brunette in a business suit is making her online pitch. “Are you tired of searching for legit CVV shops?” her animated form asks from the corner of the website. “Search no more,” she promises. This site has “handpicked cards” with “high balances”. “What are you waiting for? Register now.”It looks like a legitimate business website, one for small business financing perhaps. But I’m being shown this site — and asked not to identify it — by FBI special agent Keith Mularski in the offices of the National Cyber-Forensics & Training Alliance, a Pittsburgh-based alliance between international law enforcement agencies, business and academia that has been charged with tackling the growing menace of cybercrime. This is a site at the cutting edge of crime.

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