FBI Blocks Google’s Latest Effort On Transparency

Google is trying to be up front about how it protects your privacy, but the FBI is in the way.On Tuesday, Google put out a blog post explaining how the FBI gathers users’ data, but the FBI blocked the company from providing much in the way of detail.
http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/03/06/google-fbi_n_2818667.htmlAlso see:Google For First Time Reports FBI Non-Warrant Requests for User Data
Google today revealed – if in vague terms – it last year received less than 1,000 “national Security letters” from federal authorities seeking financial and communications data on up to almost 2,000 individuals. The disclosure of such government requests marks a first for a major Internet service provider.NSLs are sometimes called “warrrantless requests” because they circumvent a judge or grand jury if there’s a national security threat. And they often are accompanied by gag orders that prevent an ISP from divulging details that could undermine an investigation.

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