Faster Broadband in the USA! Thrill! Thrill!

The curve of acceleration for faster residential broadband seems to be kicking in at long last, but coverage lags and costs are still high.We in the U.S., and particularly me in Seattle, Wash., suffer from the heartbreak of slow-broadband-paralysis. A large percentage of U.S. residents can’t obtain speeds that are typical in Japan, South Korea, and some countries in Europe. You can easily buy 100 Mbps connections in Japan at an affordable price, and 8 Mbps ADSL is quite typical and cheap in the UK – it’s thrown in as an extra for satellite TV and mobile phone service, for crying out loud. (BT is about to offer a 24 Mbps DSL flavor, ADSL+, to about a million homes this year and 10 million next.)To read more of this article in PC World, see,145375-c,dslcablesatellite/article.html.

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