FairWinds Provides Outsourced Domain Name Administration to Multinational Corporations

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Strategy consultants FairWinds Partners announced the introduction of a premium domain name administration outsourced solution for leading brand owners. The service offers proactive strategic recommendations and decision-making support along with the oversight and administration of all internal and external activities needed to ensure expert domain name management and to extract maximum value from the web-brand interplay.

This service was created in response to the dramatic changes on the Internet over the past few years and the increasing need for brand owners to have trusted partners to guide them with leading best practices as the Internet continues to evolve.

With at least 40% of Internet users now accessing Web sites through direct navigation, and the simplicity associated with registering domains and posting recycled advertisements to monetize traffic intended for brand owners, the importance and value of domain names has dramatically increased.

Owning and using the right domain names enables brand owners to meet customers at their anticipated locations, and to interact with consumers in trustworthy and expected ways. Similarly, because of the low cost of domain names and the ability to quickly and profitably monetize direct navigation traffic, cybersquatters are attempting to use the namespace for their own good and at the expense of consumers and brand owners alike.

Since cybersquatting costs brand owners well over $1 billion per year in diverted sales and lost trust and goodwill, focusing registration and enforcement activities on the names that are most likely to be used by online criminals to damage a brand’s reputation will simultaneously protect brand owners’ marks and provide for more meaningful interactions with their customers and partners.

FairWinds recognizes that in most cases corporations have not been able to successfully navigate this new domain name landscape due to the lack of expert and objective advice from external advisors and due to insufficient internal resources.

“Countless brand owners have told us that they recognize the need to utilize both informed decision-making regarding what names to own and expert oversight of those names in order to extract more value from their domain name portfolios,” said FairWinds Managing Partner, Josh Bourne.

The FairWinds domain name administration service will enable corporations to optimize their domain name programs with expert and neutral outsourcing by leveraging the proven and trusted expertise and experience of FairWinds Partners.

“Many of our clients want us to improve their domain name programs by leveraging our domain fulfillment and corporate domain name administration experiences to deliver cost savings and improved operational efficiencies. We have launched this service to meet the needs of brand owners that have expressed the desire to find an alternative to biased providers and continued use of over-extended internal resources – not only do we bridge the gap between the client and their various domain name and monitoring services vendors, but we ensure a seamless and efficient process,” said FairWinds Managing Partner, Phil Lodico.

In keeping with its commitment to the highest quality of client service, FairWinds has hired Internet veteran Brendan Becker to lead the Domain Name Administration Outsource Service division. Becker comes to FairWinds from the GlaxoSmithKline Corporate Intellectual Property Division, where he was the sole manager of the company’s Domain Name Portfolio for the past five years. Previously, Becker served as a Network analyst for Dow Jones and Company in Princeton, NJ, and as a Systems Operations Specialist in the United States Air Force.

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