Facebook’s New Face Recognition Policy Astonishes German Privacy Regulator

[IDG] A German privacy regulator is astonished that Facebook has added facial recognition to a proposed new privacy policy it published on Thursday.”It is astonishing to find the facial recognition again in the new proposed privacy policy that Facebook published yesterday. We therefore have directly tried to contact officials from Facebook to find out if there is really a change in their data protection policy or if it is just a mistake of translation,” Hamburg Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information Johannes Caspar said in an email on Friday.
www.cio.com/article/738980/Facebook_s_New_Face_Recognition_Policy_Astonishes_German_Privacy_RegulatorAlso see:NZ privacy watch on Facebook’s tagging moves
The Privacy Commissioner is closely monitoring Facebook developments after the social network said it was considering running users’ profile photos through its controversial facial recognition technology.Facebook revealed its plans in an update to its data use policy on the site on Thursday that is intended to improve the performance of its “Tag Suggest” feature.

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