Facebook’s Broken Promises: Facebook Apps Leaking Private Data to Advertisers and Trackers

The Wall Street Journal is reporting today on yet another major Facebook privacy blunder. Despite Facebook’s various polices and promises about users’ privacy when using apps, apps have been feeding Facebook users’ information to advertisers and Internet tracking companies regardless of the individual user’s Facebook privacy settings.Internet advertising networks claim to track users “anonymously,” but the Facebook leak allows these web marketing snoops to associate Facebook users with the supposedly-anonymous browsing-history cookies that trackers use to see a user’s movements across the web. Based on the WSJ’s reporting, the leak has the potential to affect tens of millions of Facebook users, as all of the top ten Facebook apps — like Farmville and Mafia Wars — were found to be violating the Facebook app developer agreement and users’ privacy by handing their personal data over to advertising and data aggregation companies.

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