Facebook Wins: More Than 500 Million Are Using Messenger

Facebook said Monday that more than 500 million people monthly are using Messenger, the standalone app that it ultimately forced people to download if they wanted to continue sending private messages to friends.It’s hard to say that Facebook’s milestone is a thank-you nod from customers. Facebook stirred up ill will when it said in April it would begin forcing people to download a separate app to send private messages. (The full split happened in August.) Just last week, during a “town hall” Q&A with Facebook users, CEO Mark Zuckerberg was asked about the rationale for the split. Even so, new users keep climbing aboard — Facebook in April said Messenger had about 200 million monthly users, the first time it broke out such numbers. The new milestone speaks to the social network’s clout.
http://blogs.wsj.com/digits/2014/11/10/facebook-wins-more-than-500-million-are-using-messenger/Also ssee:Facebook says messenger service has half a billion users
Social networking site Facebook Inc said its messaging service is being used by more than half a billion people, few months after it was separated from the main Facebook app.Facebook said in April users would need to download a separate app for Messenger, which would allow them to send videos, make free calls and chat with groups.

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