Facebook, Twitter and other web firms battle botnets with ThreatExchange

Facebook has teamed up with a group of other internet firms to launch ThreatExchange, a way to share information on cyber-attacks and other online security threats.Facebook’s partners in the project include Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and its parent company Yahoo, Dropbox and Bitly.
http://www.theguardian.com/technology/2015/feb/12/facebook-twitter-web-botnets-threatexchangeAlso see:Facebook ThreatExchange Looks To Pose Threat To Corporate Hackers And Boost Cybersecurity
Facebook has built a social network for companies of security professionals, including itself, seeking to share information about cyber threats. The new platform, known as the ThreatExchange, enables software engineers from member companies to query information about threat and piece together the big picture.It was the years of working with the small picture that spurred the idea for the ThreatExchange, according to Mark Hammell, Manager of Facebook’s Threat Infrastructure team.
www.techtimes.com/articles/32406/20150212/facebook-threatexchange-looks-to-pose-threat-to-corporate-hackers-and-boost-cybersecurity.htmFacebook asks companies to share information on cyber threats
Facebook has created a test platform for companies to share data about cyberattacks and improve communication among security teams, the company said this week.The new site, called ThreatExchange, is based on Facebook’s internal software to catalog and understand threats, known as ThreatData.

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