Facebook told by Belgian court to stop tracking non-users

A court has given Facebook 48 hours to stop tracking people in Belgium who are not members of its social network.Facebook says it will appeal against the decision and that the order relates to a cookie it has used for five years.The cookie is installed when an internet user visits a Facebook page even if they are not members.
http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-34765937Also see:Facebook to appeal Belgian ruling ordering it to stop tracking non-users
Facebook said on Monday it would appeal a court ruling ordering it to stop tracking the online activities of non-Facebook users in Belgium who visit Facebook pages, or face a 250,000 euro ($269,000) daily fine.Belgium’s data protection regulator took the U.S. company to court in June, accusing it of trampling on EU privacy law by tracking people without a Facebook account without their consent.
http://uk.reuters.com/article/2015/11/09/us-facebook-belgium-idUKKCN0SY27220151109Facebook to Appeal a Belgian Court’s Ruling on Data Privacy
Facebook intends to appeal a privacy ruling in Belgium that forces the social media giant to stop collecting digital information about people who are not its users.The ruling, announced late on Monday, is the latest in a number of European data protection cases that have engulfed Facebook, which collects reams of data on individuals’ online activities to power its fast-growing digital advertising business.

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