Facebook Reasserts Posts Can Be Used to Advertise

If you post something on Facebook, let there be no doubt that it can end up as an ad shown to your friends and acquaintances.Facebook pressed forward on Friday with official changes to its privacy policies, first proposed in August, that make the terms of using Facebook more clear than ever: By having an account on the service, its 1.2 billion global users are allowing the company to use their postings and other personal data for advertising.
http://www.nytimes.com/2013/11/16/technology/facebook-amends-privacy-policies.htmlAlso see:Facebook makes changes to its data use policies
Facebook moved ahead Friday with changes to its privacy policies that make it clear that the company can include users’ profile pictures, location and other personal information in advertisements.But the social networking company deleted a controversial line, proposed in August, stating that it assumes that teens on the site have obtained permission from their parents or guardians.

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