Facebook Places Will Crush Foursquare; Three Ways Business Can Take Advantage of Facebook Places

One of the odd aspects of the Facebook event launching the new Facebook Places service was the participation, support, and partnership of competing location-based check-in services. There may be some opportunity for a symbiotic relationship with Foursquare, but more likely Facebook Places will make services like it obsolete and crush Foursquare into a fine dust unless it implements an aggressive strategy to stay relevant.Facebook Places will quickly crush the location-based check-in competition like Foursquare.A blog post by Alex Wilhelm at thenextweb.com describes why the author is abandoning Foursquare in favor of the new Facebook service. “Think of it like this: you can use Facebook to check-in and never touch Foursquare, Gowalla, MyTown, or Yelp, which means that a lot of people will not access these services. Most people will likely start using Facebook Places and never even hear about Foursquare,” adding ”The hardcore fans of each of those companies will continue to use the first-party clients to check into Facebook with the Places API, but they will comprise a small portion of the overall user base.”
http://www.pcworld.com/businesscenter/article/203677/.htmlAlso see:Three Ways Business Can Take Advantage of Facebook Places
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg unveiled the new Facebook Places location-based check-in service at a press event yesterday. Following in the footsteps of services like Foursquare and Gowalla, the Facebook Places service provides businesses with a platform for marketing and promotion, and provides an opportunity to build customer loyalty.Businesses can promote specials and drive customer loyalty with Facebook PlacesLike current social location-based check-in services, Facebook Places lets people share where they are, see which friends are in the local area, and discover new places by following where others from their social network have checked in. The real value of services like Foursquare has been the integration with Facebook and the ability to share the check-in details with the broader social network, so Facebook Places seems like a natural evolution of the concept.

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