Facebook May Reach 1 Billion Members in August

[Bloomberg] Facebook Inc., the most popular social-networking service, may reach 1 billion members around August as growth accelerates in developing countries, according to a blog by digital-marketing firm ICrossing.Facebook, which reached 800 million users last year, will benefit from a surge in new members in countries such as India and Brazil, where a smaller percentage of the population has already signed up, wrote Gregory Lyons, a research and insight manager at ICrossing.
www.businessweek.com/news/2012-01-12/facebook-may-reach-1-billion-members-in-august-icrossing-says.htmlAlso see:Facebook to reach 1 billion users in August, study says
Facebook is soon to have 14 percent of the world’s population all to itself. That is, a new study says the social network will hit one billion users this year.Gregory Lyons, a senior analyst at digital marketing firm iCrossing, ran the numbers based on Facebook’s past growth and found that Facebook will probably hit the milestone in August 2012. Currently, it has 800,000. He found that in the beginning Facebook was growing at an exponential rate, until a slow down in progress, which caused it to grow more linearly. The slow down was caused by countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom, which were the main cause of growth for Facebook in the beginning. Both of these countries are tapped out at 49 and 47 percent of the population respectively, and have “slowed or stopped” new sign-ups to the social network all together.

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