Facebook case may force European firms to change data storage practices

European companies may have to review their widespread practice of storing digital data with US internet companies after a court accused America’s intelligence services of conducting “mass, indiscriminate surveillance”.The influential opinion by the European court of justice’s advocate general, Yves Bot, yet to be confirmed by the Luxembourg court as final, is a significant development in the battle over online privacy. The court normally follows the advocate general’s opinion; ECJ judgments are binding on EU countries.
http://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2015/sep/23/us-intelligence-services-surveillance-privacyAlso see:Facebook privacy campaign advances after EU court opinion
A privacy campaigner has scored a legal victory that could bolster his attempts to prevent Facebook from being able to pass EU citizens’ data to the US authorities.An opinion issued by the European Court of Justice says that current data-sharing rules between the 28-nation bloc and the US are “invalid”.The decision could affect other tech firms’ abilities to send Europeans’ information to US data centres.However, it is not a final judgement.

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