Facebook and the hoodie: is it time for Mark Zuckerberg to dress for respect?

Should Mark Zuckerberg change his clothes? Having now seen countless pictures of the blue-eyed, hoodie-clad Facebook genius ever since Time made him the magazine’s man of the year in 2010, Goldman Sachs decided to kick off 2011 by valuing his company at $50bn and injecting it with lots of its money, and he himself announced he was getting ready for an international public offering of shares of the company in 2012, I can’t stop thinking about this.It’s one thing, after all, to look like the Next Young Thing when you are an upstart college dropout trying to prove that your good idea is a really, really, great, world-changing, moneymaking breakthrough. However, once everyone agrees, once the establishment gets on board, once you are worth a reported $14bn yourself and are responsible for more than a thousand other people’s livelihoods and pension plans, once they have made a movie (The Social Network) about you, shouldn’t you start looking like a responsible person, as generally defined by responsible people such as, well, lawyers? Or maybe just your dad?

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