Experts to Feds: Sign the DNS root ASAP

US government urged to deploy DNS security measures, but through ICANN not VeriSignInternet security gurus and leading vendors are urging the US federal government to rapidly deploy security and authentication mechanisms at the top level of the DNS hierarchy – the root zone. The comments are the result of a call for public comments regarding the deployment of DNSSEC by the NTIA that closed earlier this week.Support for the deployment of DNSSEC across the root zone came from the majority of those making submissions including PayPal and Comcast. Many also preferred ICANN to undertake this deployment rather than VeriSign. APNIC, for example, said it supports “ICANN’s proposals to sign the root zone using the DNSSEC framework in a timely manner.” The IAB was of a similar view. Letters discouraging DNSSEC deployment came from the PublicRoot Consortium and AV8 Internet.To read this report from Network World in full, see or

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