European registrars gain new tool to fight spam

European registrars gain new tool to fight spam (IDG)
IDG outlets run a story on a new rule that will come into force in February that will enable European registrars for the “.eu” domain to immediately stop the transfer of ownership of a domain name if it’s suspected of abuse. Patrik Lindén of Eurid says it “will make it easier for investigations into activities such as spam, although the Web site can still function”. Current rules state “registrars had to give domain owners 14 days notice before putting a hold on ownership transfers. But those who were using Web sites for nefarious activities could continually transfer ownership, making it more difficult to take action, said Lindén. The article also notes a new voluntary draft code of conduct that is being circulated among registrars. “The code lays out a series of best practices that weren’t appropriate to include in the legal agreement Eurid already has with domain registrars”, Lindén said.

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