European privacy advocates to issue report in April

[Bloomberg] Search engine powers like Google, Yahoo and Microsoft will have to wait until April to find out what changes they must make to comply with European Union privacy laws.Data protection officials from 30 European countries ended a two-day meeting Wednesday and agreed that search engines needed to make changes, but would not release a final report until April, said Hans Tischler, a member of the Article 29 Data Protection Working Party.The group told Google in May that it might be violating EU privacy laws by preserving user data for as long as two years. That spurred Google to trim the storage period to 18 months. Microsoft and Yahoo followed in July, saying they would limit data records to 18 months and 13 months, respectively. data privacy regulators say Internet search engines must follow EU rules [AP]
European data privacy regulators said Thursday that Internet search engines based outside Europe must also comply with EU rules on how a person’s Internet address or search history is stored.EU rules that someone must consent to their data being collected and give individuals the right to object or verify their information apply to search engines, the regulators’ group said in a short statement as they prepare a full report due by April.

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