European Court of Justice blocks net-filtering bid

A social network cannot be required to install an anti-piracy filtering system, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) has ruled.Belgian music royalty collecting firm SABAM wanted the social network Netlog to stop users infringing copyright.But the court said the filtering required would contravene rights to freedom of business, personal data and freedom of information.The judgement could have consequences for similar cases across the EU. see:ECJ blocks bid to force social networks to monitor users
Courts in Europe cannot order social networks to filter out copyright-infringing content posted by their members, the European Court of Justice has said.In a ruling on Thursday, the court said such filtering would infringe on the data-protection rights of those members. The decision came in a case brought by Belgian rights-holder group Sabam, which wanted to block the exchange of pirated material on European social network Netlog.

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