European consumer groups, ISPs plead for net neutrality

European consumer groups and ISPs are pressing EU politicians to pass legislation to guarantee users cannot be thrown off the internet.Over the past few days, both the European Consumers’ Organisation (Beuc) and the European ISP Association (Eurispa) have pleaded for Amendment 138/46 to be passed into law, saying that cutting off broadband service would violate affected consumers’ fundamental rights.”Citizens should not be cut-off from [the] internet without a fair trial,” Beuc’s deputy director general, Willemien Bax, said in a statement on Monday. “Consumers must not be treated as pirates or criminals. We are in the 21st century, and such draconian measures have no place in an open society.”To read this ZDNet report in full, see:,1000000085,39820222,00.htm

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