European concerns grow over IPv6 migration

European businesses are being held back from migrating to IPv6 due to the way IP addresses are being allocated, according to the director of IT at Nominet. … However, concerns have been raised about the way IPv6 addresses are currently allocated by RIPE and it appears that this situation will not change for at least four months. Nominet’s IT director Jay Daley indicated that, unlike ARIN, RIPE was allowing only ISPs access to IPv6 addresses, leaving enterprises out in the cold. “We, for example, have our own IPv4 address allocation from RIPE, but we are unable to get an IPv6 allocation because their current allocation policy means we must be an ISP who gives addresses out to at least 200 customers. We don’t give addresses to customers — we are an enterprise, in the same way that a large enterprise might want their own address space for local management of internet connectivity.”,1000000085,39287566,00.htm

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